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Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer…

Well, you’ve already invested quite a bit of money into buying your home. With that, you might be looking to give a facelift to an old, outdated space, or perhaps you're moving into a brand new home and want to complete it with all new furnishings that suit your new lifestyle—if any of this sounds like you, hiring an interior designer might be the solution to your needs!

An interior designer will bring innovative, creative, and custom design ideas to help create a home that fits your family's needs and lifestyle. An interior designer also brings professional design experience and an unbiased opinion that may help navigate differences of opinion between partners and bring your vision to life!

Here at Asha Maía Design, we strive to create classically modern living spaces that feel fresh, sophisticated, and timeless. In addition, we work meticulously to ensure the spaces we design are filled not only with beauty but purpose as well.

Here we’ve put together some valuable tips and matters for you to consider when planning to hire an interior designer for your next home project:

Time & Money Saver

Let's say you already have somewhat of an idea of how you want your new space to look—researching the items, brands, and prices to make your vision a reality can be a tedious task. Especially due to supply chain issues and other factors, finding these items readily available can be an even bigger issue. And in the end, are you sure it will all come together as you envisioned?

Interior designers have a unique advantage as we are "in the know" about where to go for luxury brands that suit your needs and are worth the investment. In addition, we can help you avoid costly mistakes and have personal access to a network of expert tradespeople and vendors. As a result, we can transform your dream space into a reality incorporating the right size, scale, and luxury quality furnishings and decor.

Expertise in Design & Planning

Interior designers are very knowledgeable in creating beautiful yet functional layouts for all types of spaces! We have a keen eye for detail when choosing the most fitting pieces for a particular space. Instinctually, you may have a general idea of what you like and want to see in your home. You may even want to fill it with all your favorite things, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will give you the desired result.

Including an interior designer from the get-go can be beneficial as we have expertise in the anatomy of a well-designed home. We bring years of experience and knowledge that help us transform a home in unexpected ways that can elevate and take the design to the next level. This expertise also allows us to act as a liaison between you, the architect, and the contractor. We can clearly communicate the design vision to each, helping to avoid mistakes early on.

A designer might also be able to consider details you may have missed or didn't realize the importance of. For example, outlet placements for additional lighting that will enhance your space or even selecting durable materials for that unexpected high-traffic area.

Functionality & Quality Assurance

Interior designers work in the realm of home improvement, so we are constantly surrounded and have access to more quality, functional resources, and contacts, making sure you get the most of your money and time invested!

Designers can think creatively, suggesting items that offer a refreshed sense of style and sophistication while also considering their functionality.

Our mission at Asha Maía Design is to create beautiful interiors that elevate and inspire while reflecting our client's personalities and lifestyles. In addition, our vendor and resource contacts provide options and resources that aren't always readily available to the public. For example, during our product selection process, we consider the room's primary purpose and ensure the room's new design will reflect this, including performance fabric for easier maintenance if the space involves guests, etc.

Tasteful Trends & Themes

At Asha Maía Design, we believe that the quality of our surroundings directly impacts our quality of life. With this, we curate unique yet functional designs filled with beauty and purpose, leaving spaces with a more modern yet classic and timeless feel.

We are constantly researching and learning the latest trends, and if you're renovating an older home or space, our expertise can help transform your home from old and outdated into something classic and modern!

We ensure that when we decide on a current trend, it's everlasting.

Whether choosing the right color palette and style of the room, determining the ideal layout, or completely revamping a space and including fun wallpaper, an interior designer can help you achieve your #HOMEGOALS while making the transition seamless and stress-free.

The Right Designer for You

You have to feel comfortable with the interior designer you decide to work with for renovating or designing your home. Find the designer that makes you feel most comfortable and can best translate your vision, but don't forget that this is a professional business relationship. You and the designer must conclude and set design and process expectations from the beginning.

Whether you're deciding on remodeling an old, unused space or decorating a new one, Asha Maía Design provides various services for your design needs! Our team offers tailored services for our client's specific design wants, and needs, sets a timeline for project management, and works with the highest quality of brands and resources to create a modern yet timeless space, providing the perfect combination of comfort, beauty, and style!

Let's get started on your design project! Book a Discovery Call with us today or by emailing us at

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