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3 Simple Tips To Transition Your Home From Summer To Fall

We’ve updated one of our top posts with our current favorites for transitioning your home from summer to fall. We’ve even added a bonus tip! Read on to learn 3 Simple Tips to Transition Your Home From Summer to Fall…

We’re approaching that time of year where the days get shorter and the nights begin to get crisper and cooler. This is a special time of year, as it is a time that signifies change. Not only a change in seasons but also a transition in lifestyle. As the temperatures dip, the time comes when we naturally want to layer up and pull out the blankets and sweaters, affectionately known as “sweater weather”! Take your home from summertime fun to sweater weather with these easy additions!

Swap out your lightweight throws for their cozier, fuzzier counterparts.

This is one of the quickest and easiest tricks to take your home from summer to fall. Try this cozy faux fur throw from Anthropologie or this colossal hand-knit throw from Pottery Barn.

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You can’t go wrong with whichever you choose. Drape it over the arm of your sofa or fill a basket with an additional three to four fabulously cozy throws, so the entire family has something to snuggle up in for movie night!

Incorporate warmer colors and cozier textures.

We love incorporating lots of texture in warmer color palettes for fall, and the perfect place to do this is with your throw pillows. You can simply purchase pillow covers and replace your summer covers with them or use your existing pillows as inserts for your new covers. We love this cozy teddy cover from Pottery Barn; it comes in several other colors that add just the right amount of warmth, perfect for fall! Creamy, chunky knits are also a great choice for the transition to fall. And don't you just love this wool chunky knit pillow, also from CB2, everything about it says “snuggle me”!

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Other areas to bring in warmer colors and cozier textures are in the drapery, bedding, and even your linens. By switching out your drapes, you are accomplishing multiple goals, as this is a really good time to switch to heavier drapery, which helps regulate the cooler temperatures. There are some beautiful options on the market in velvet or heavy linen. You can even swap out your drapery for those with patterns that complement the season, like foliage or even autumn florals.

Here are a few of our favorite warm color tones that we love to incorporate into the mix for fall: olive green, rust, merlot, plum, warm greys, warm beiges, ivory, and creams. Try using any of these colors in combination with textiles that are full of great texture, like furs, chunky knits, mohair, sheepskin, and heavy wovens like wool or burlap.

Don’t forget the candles!

Candles are always a good idea, but even more so when transitioning your home for fall. Now’s the perfect time to start replacing your summer floral scents for those scents that make you feel warm and cozy. But try going a different route than your typical fall aromas like pumpkin spice, fall foliage, or apple cinnamon. We absolutely love and can’t get enough of these unexpected fall scents, Driftwood from Anthropologie and Bergamot from West Elm. Do yourself a favor and stock up before it’s time to hibernate for the winter!

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BONUS TIP! Switch out florals for fall foliage and greenery.

Filling your vases throughout the year with beautiful florals is always great and breathes so much life into the space. For fall, simply swap out the fresh florals for beautiful branches of fall foliage, grasses, and even greenery like eucalyptus, ruscus, or olive stems. Real or faux, either will do the trick, but we happen to love fresh stems as they bring a vibrant and undeniable energy to the space!

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Each of these pieces are great places in your home to make the transition from any season to the next. It’s like a great outfit, you may wear some of the same foundational pieces again and again, but it’s the accessories you pair with that outfit that make it new and different! The same goes for your home, but instead of jewelry, shoes, or scarves, we’re talking throw pillows, blankets, and candles. Whatever you do, have fun with it! Happy Fall!


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