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How To Make A Bed... Like Asha Maía Design

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Design Spotlight: How to Make a Bed

Today we're sharing how we make a bed here at Asha Maia Design. There are various ways to make a bed, but here are the key elements we like to include when styling our beds to get that luxury, cozy, and inviting look everyone loves!

We feel the key to a beautifully made bed, one that gives you all the hotel luxury vibes, is the incorporation of layers and texture. We love to anchor our beds with a set of crisp white sheets, followed by a beautifully textured quilt or coverlet.

We then layer on the duvet. Sticking to a light color palette in whites or natural linens. Folding back the duvet one or two folds gives you that fluffy, cozy feel we all can't get enough of. Next up are the pillows. We like to use 26 to 28-inch pillows as a base, followed by sleeping pillows in an interesting but subtle print.

Now for the throw pillows. This is a perfect place to bring in color and personality. Two 20 or 22-inch pillows, topped off by a lumbar or even a body pillow. Finally, we love to anchor the bedding with a throw or additional coverlet, which is great for those especially cool nights and also to add personality to the bed.

A beautifully made bed is the perfect finishing touch that invites you in for a restful and peaceful night. Sleep well!\

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