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Stuck At Home? Elevate Your Space With Online Design!

In this day and age of Social Media, our reach is much further and wider than we could have imagined. With that, clients are able to fall in love with our design aesthetic from afar, and dream of being able to take advantage of an Asha Maía designed home. So, years ago when we received an inquiry from a friend-of-a-friend near my hometown in Michigan, I got started developing a service that could accommodate her desire to work with us. When we first started, we were using Pinterest to manage our process, that was several years ago now, and since then, our e-Design process has definitely evolved.

Here at Asha Maía Design, we're constantly looking for ways to leverage technology in order to make the design process better, smoother, and more convenient for our clients. The convenience of this service is great, especially during this current climate brought on by COVID-19. While the world is "Social Distancing" and we're spending more time at home, this is a great time to make our homes look and feel better!

In this post, I'll be answering the most common e-Design questions to shine some light on this exciting and convenient option for you to achieve a professionally designed space! Especially since we all have so much extra time on our hands and are spending much more time at home. So, why not elevate your space with e-Design?

What is e-Design?

e-Design is a virtual design option offered to allow clients to benefit from the expertise of a professional Interior Designer, without the time and financial commitment of a full-service design project. Everything is done remotely and via our wonderful client/designer portal.

Who is e-Design or Online Design For?

e-Design is the perfect option for you if want a beautiful home and you love the design aesthetic of Asha Maía Design, but are not local to the Northern Virginia area. Even if you're local and your budget is a bit more constrained, or you have an unpredictable schedule, and it makes more sense for you to be in control of rolling out your design, or simply because you love interior design and want to savor your experience, e-Design can also be an excellent option for you if you prefer to manage your own design project.

What's Included in e-Design or Online Design?

Our e-Design service begins with a consultation where we learn your needs and vision for your space. After we complete the consultation and discover all we need to know, we set off designing. Once complete, we provide the following items to our clients: a floor plan, suggested furniture arrangement, color scheme, a mood board, rendering, your shopping list of items to be placed in your space, and finally, your handy implementation guide.

An example of a mood board.

How Does e-Design or Online Design Work?

We'll work to design a space that looks and feels like you. Whether you'd like to focus on just one room or redesign your entire home, the process is simple:

STEP 1 Tell us everything! Once you've purchased this service, you'll receive an invite to the Client/Designer Portal via email. There, you'll fill out the e-Design Questionnaire and add photos to help us get to know you and your space.

STEP 2 One-on-one consultation with principal designer Asha Maxey. We'll discuss your needs, your budget, and your dreams. Schedule your consultation here.

STEP 3 Finalizing your vision. We'll communicate through the Client/Designer Portal to refine your room's design and solidify your overall vision.

STEP 4 Sit back and relax. Over the course of at least three weeks, our team will develop a custom design plan for your intended space.

STEP 5 Receive your design plan! We'll deliver your complete design plan through the Client/Designer Portal.

STEP 6 Revisions (if applicable). Based on your feedback, we'll make one round of complimentary design tweaks.

STEP 7 Go shopping! You'll have the option to purchase items through the links on the shopping list or purchase them directly through Asha Maía Design.

STEP 8 Implement your interior design at your pace. Whether you bring your design to life all at once or little by little, the choice is yours!

STEP 9 Enjoy your beautiful home!

What are the Benefits of Choosing e-Design or Online Design?

There are quite a few benefits of the e-Design service. The first, and one of the most exciting, is that you will have access to a professional design plan to carry out in your home, no matter where you live! Another beauty of e-Design is that it is a budget-friendly interior design option that gives you the ability to take advantage of a professional interior designer without a substantial upfront financial commitment. It also allows you to execute your design plan at your leisure and convenience.

Whether you have a hectic schedule or you just want to savor your decorating experience, this service is designed to give you the ability to carry out your design in stages at a pace that is comfortable for you. After purchasing the initial service, you'll have a complete design plan at your fingertips to implement as your schedule and budget permits. Another recently revealed benefit of e-Design, with this being important now more than ever as a result of the Coronavirus, is simply that everything happens electronically instead of face-to-face.

What's Next?

Now is a great time to take advantage of beautifying and making your home more functional. With the extra time we'll all be spending at home, why not take on a project that will help pass the time, while adding great value to your everyday life!

book your Online Design service today!

Do you have another question we haven't covered yet? Ask us in the comments below!


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