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Full-Service Interior Design

Your home can be
stylish and beautiful while still being
uniquely you!
— Asha-Maia

Everyone has that special place they call home, but not everyone has a place that feels uniquely theirs, that emotes their personality and is just as stylish as they are, or wish they were.  

Full-service Interior Design offers you the ability to achieve just that, a beautiful and functional space.  Asha-Maía Design handles all the details, from the initial consultation until the very last detail is expertly styled, so you don’t have to.  I will analyze your use of the space to select the right pieces and to create a functional layout to meet your needs.  I will transform your home into the home you always dreamed of!

As a premier Interior Designer in Alexandria, VA and the surrounding areas, Asha-MaíaDesign has access to many premium design resources that we are excited to share with you, providing you with unique and custom choices that are not available to the general public. 

Full-Service Project Minimum: $25,000

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The Asha-Maía Design Experience


When you begin your home transformation journey you will be engaged in an intimate and exclusive design experience.  Whether you are starting with just one room or your entire home, Asha-Maía will deliver an exceptional experience by following this proven design process:


STEP 1 Consultation with Asha-Maía
STEP 2 Signing of agreement, receipt of first payment and scheduling of project kick-off


Design & Sourcing

STEP 3 Kick-Off & Trade Day | On-site measurements, photos and final criterion meeting

STEP 4 Execution of floor plans and elevations, sourcing fabrics and furnishings
STEP 5 Presentation of estimates and furnishings/materials; collection of deposits
STEP 6 Revisions


Execution &
Finishing Touches

STEP 7 Review of budget
STEP 8 Placement of orders
STEP 9 Initiation of painting and/or any construction
STEP 10 Painting and construction period continues and receipt of orders
STEP 11 Furniture installation and styling
STEP 12 Client reveal
STEP 13 Deficiencies walk through
STEP 14 Resolving deficiencies

STEP 15 Client closure meeting, presentation of client packet and thank you.


*Full-Service Project Minimum: $25,000


Let's get started on your interior design project, I can't wait to work with you!


Full-Service Interior Design not right for you?  Perhaps the One Day Design service will better fit your needs!