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How to Style a Coffee Table... Like Asha Maía Design

Design Spotlight: How Asha Maía Design Styles a Coffee Table

Today, we're sharing how we style coffee tables here at Asha Maia Design. There are many ways to style a coffee table, but here are the key elements we like to include to achieve that luxurious, stylish, and inviting look everyone loves!

We feel the key to a beautifully styled coffee table, one that gives you all the chic vibes is the incorporation of layers and texture. We love to anchor our coffee tables with a foundation piece like a stack of books or a stylish tray. Next, we add visual interest with a mixture of textures—a vase filled with fresh greenery or a decorative bowl can add a touch of nature and a lovely contrast to the smooth surfaces of books and trays.

Then, we incorporate height variation to create dimension. This can be achieved with candles, small sculptures, or tall vases. Different heights will draw the eye around the table, making it more engaging and dynamic. Finally, we finish off with a playful touch by adding a chic game or an interesting decorative object that your guests or kiddos can enjoy. This not only makes your coffee table beautiful but also interactive and inviting.

With this curated approach, your coffee table will effortlessly exude style and personality, becoming a true centerpiece of your living space. Happy styling!

Check out some coffee table styling inspiration below!

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