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Elevate Your Holiday Decor With These Tips

Can you hardly believe that it’s already that time of year? That time when we bring a new level of warmth into the home, “Deck the Halls,” and fill our homes with wonderfully nostalgic fragrances! We, as interior designers, often get asked how we accomplish that “designer” look when it comes to holiday decorating, so today, we’re sharing tips to help you elevate your holiday decor this year!

At Asha Maía Design, our favorite season is upon us. Follow our Instagram to check out how we’ll be transitioning this holiday season.

Concentrate Your Focus - Consistency is Key

As you start pulling out decorations from years past, plan out how you’ll incorporate old and new pieces. Keeping with a consistent theme will help your home feel cohesive instead of scattered with no purpose.

Focus on the spaces where you spend most of your time, areas such as the living room or family room, and even bedrooms. We also love to include the entryway as this is where guests get their first impression of your home and is a great place to make a statement with decor. And we can’t forget the dining room, another great space to incorporate holiday decor, especially as this is a place where we gather even more during the holidays.

Whatever areas you love most, create a plan to highlight those special spaces this holiday season.

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Highlight Existing Focal Points

A dazzling Christmas tree in the corner of the living room or in the middle of that perfectly placed picture window is a given. But that showstopper of a mantle or beautiful staircase just off the entry are great places to highlight with holiday decor. We love draping the mantle and staircase in gorgeous greenery, real or faux.

Here at Asha Maía Design, we typically opt for real when it comes to houseplants, but during this time of year are perfectly happy with faux greenery. We love being able to enjoy our holiday decor all season long without the worry of a thirsty tree and dropping needles.

Whatever focal elements you have in your home, give them a little extra love this year by incorporating some of that holiday magic.

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Incorporate New Elements

You don’t have to toss all of your old holiday decor to level up this year. A great way to elevate your holiday decor is by simply incorporating new and exciting pieces. Select new ornaments or perhaps even a beautiful new ribbon, one of our personal favorites, that compliments your existing pieces. We love incorporating a beautiful velvet or satin ribbon. The luxe texture by itself can truly kick your decor up a few notches all on its own.

We love tying ribbon to branches on the tree and even in evergreen garland along the mantle or staircase.

Layers & Texture

A little trick we have to creating a gorgeous designer-level tree is by placing ornaments “in” the tree. We literally place ornaments inside the tree, further back on the branches. This creates beautiful layers that truly elevate your tree. We love to place ornaments that sparkle further back on the branches, but near a bulb for that extra twinkle.

Incorporating textural elements that create contrast and visual interest can also elevate your holiday decor. We do this by including satins, velvets, and sparkle.

Less is More

Stay away from placing decor in every empty space of your home. It’s easy to get overwhelmed during the holiday season, and your home shouldn’t be a place contributing to that overwhelm. Be sure to create moments for the eye to rest and take in your gorgeous holiday vignettes naturally.

You don’t have to use every Christmas decoration every year. Decide what’s most important to you and your family, and showcase those items with some of the newer pieces you may have added this year!

Let Your Personality Shine!

Stick to what makes you feel authentic - don't try to pull off an extravagant theme that doesn’t feel natural to you or your family’s personality. Those family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation or that ornament collection from over the years are often what makes the holidays special. Find a way to incorporate these moments throughout your decor.

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Fresh & Clean

The scents of the seasons are our favorite! We love to incorporate seasonal greenery into our spaces when decorating as it adds warmth and nostalgia to the space, especially with the magical aroma of fresh pine needles. Utilizing fresh elements definitely has its perks - you don’t have to worry about the post-holiday clutter that you have to store away. But remember, faux works too! Arrange evergreen cuttings in a vase and place them on the coffee table, kitchen island, or sideboard. You can easily switch out the greenery with eucalyptus or olive branches as we transition into the next season, and who doesn’t love an excuse to check out the new greenery section at Trader Joe’s when a new season rolls in?

We hope these tips and tricks help elevate your home this holiday season! Have questions, comments, or would like to work with us on revamping your home? Book your discovery call with us here so we can discuss your upcoming home design project!

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