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Design Essentials: The Master Bedroom

Have you ever walked into a room and felt as if it just didn’t feel complete? That it didn’t give you the warm fuzzies or that sense of delight? It is most likely because it is missing a key element to the design if not several key elements. In this series, we will be discussing design essentials for every room in your home! Whenever Asha Maía Design is hired for a project, we consider a specific set of elements in each design. Because room size, shape, and/or design style vary, not every project always calls for each specific item; however, it is still our goal to incorporate these essentials into each finished project.


The master bedroom is where we all go to end our day. It’s where we rest and relax, our sanctuary, a place to escape to get in a good read, sleep in on a Saturday morning, prepare for the day ahead, or even have a romantic getaway. Sometimes the master bedroom acts as its own little recluse or ensuite and includes the master bathroom, closet, and may even incorporate a laundry room.

Our goal is to always ensure that the master bedroom feels like something special to set it apart from the rest of the home. We know you work hard and have many stressors, so your bedroom should be a peaceful retreat. Master bedrooms require specific furnishings to make them successful and feel complete. We believe a successfully designed room has three main categories of furnishings 1.) Furniture 2.) Lighting, and 3.) Styling. Each of these categories is important to a full and cohesive end result. The furniture sets the foundation, lighting (as well as color) sets the mood, and the styling brings everything together and creates a sense of home.

Here is our list of our essentials for an impeccably designed master bedroom:


  • Bed & Headboard - We always incorporate at least a headboard but love to also include the frame. Not only do they add additional comfort, but they also ground the room and tailor the bed.

  • Nightstands

  • Dresser and/or Chest

  • Accent Chair - Accent chairs are great additional seating options for reading and lounging.

  • Side Table or Drink Table

  • Bench or Settee - A bench or settee are great additional seating options for reading, lounging, and assisting in dressing.

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  • Table Lamps - Table lamps offer task lighting for activities like reading and also offer accent lighting to a space.

  • Floor Lamps - Floor lamps can serve as task lighting as well as overall room lighting.

  • Overhead Lighting (Chandelier)

  • Task Lighting (Sconces)

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TV - Some people believe televisions are essential, and others do not. We’re happy designing with or without. We love this frame TV by Samsung. When it’s not on, it fades into the decor because it looks like a piece of art. BONUS: It also comes in a variety of frame colors!

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We’d love to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts on this list and if there is anything you’d add! Discover our Design Essentials for other rooms in your home…

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