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Asha-Maia Design interiors + Events, Alexdandria VA 22302, Arlington, VA, Washington, DC and surrounding areas. Asha Maxey Interior Designer + Event Stylist

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Luxury • sophistication • Comfort

Asha-Maía Design specializes in producing interiors that combine classic and modern, while offering an air of brightness, luxury, sophistication, and comfort. My goal is to seamlessly integrate your personal style with my chic and sophisticated design eye to create a space that serves as the perfect backdrop for all of life's wonderful moments.

Asha-Maía Design offers two areas of focus, Interior Design and Event Styling.  There is quite a seamless transition in taking those same design principles that are fundamental to Interior Design and applying them in the creation and styling of beautiful affairs.

Serving Alexandria, VA, Arlington, VA, Washington, DC and surrounding areas.


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You work hard and deserve a home that is stylish & beautiful. Your home should express your personality and be your sanctuary, your place to relax and unwind.
— Asha Maía

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P.O. Box 3122, Alexandria, VA 22302


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