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Spa Chic: Bathroom Makeover Tips You Need To Know

Turn your bathroom into a spa getaway with these simple spa chic bathroom makeover tips you need to know! Bathrooms are getting more and more luxurious and beautiful these days. They are places where you can escape, unwind and melt the day's troubles away. Do you feel like your bathroom is currently not feeling very spa-like? Follow these tips to create your own little oasis right in your own home.

Spa Chic: Bathroom Makeover Tips You Need to Know - Tip: 1

The best way to get a calm, serene and relaxing feel in your bathroom is by selecting a soothing color palette. Light or muted shades of blue, green, gray, and even some browns and purples work well to calm a space. Here are some beautiful colors by Sherwin Williams to give a try:

Clockwise: Icelandic SW 6526, Sky High SW 6504, Window Pane SW 6210, Mint Condition SW 6743 and Wishful Blue SW 6813

My favorite colors to use for a spa chic bathroom are cool pastel blues or greens, like in this bathroom. This is a gorgeous grey-blue shade, Silver Lake 1598 by Benjamin Moore; and the clean white cabinetry and marble countertop are both in keeping with this soothing palette.

Spa Chic: Bathroom Makeover Tips You Need to Know - Tip: 2

Incorporate luxury bath towels in white and organize bath salts and other bathroom products in beautiful apothecary vases. This will really help you accomplish the spa look and feel and it also makes your bath products accessible when you're ready to treat yourself to a soothing and luxurious bath.

Spa Chic: Bathroom Makeover Tips You Need to Know - Tip: 3

Get yourself a rain shower head! Trust me! The way the water falls is so therapeutic and can really transport you and make you feel like you are truly at a spa or in some exotic tropical oasis.

Spa Chic: Bathroom Makeover Tips You Need to Know - Tip: 4

Candles, candles, candles! Nothing makes a bathroom feel more luxurious and spa-like than the glow of candlelight. Fill cylinder vases or large glass jars with white pillar candles and place them throughout your bathroom; on your countertop, around the ledge of the tub, and even on the floor. I like to sprinkle in a scented candle or two with a soothing aroma to really set a relaxing mood.

I love the DW Home candle brand, they have so many wonderful scents and I use them all over my home. Here are some of my favorites for the bathroom. They offer such amazing and relaxing aromas that are perfect for bath time!

Spa Chic: Bathroom Makeover Tips You Need to Know - Bonus Tip

Hang a couple of fresh eucalyptus branches from the base of your shower spout to create an aromatherapy moment while you shower. The heat and steam from the water will activate the essential oils within the eucalyptus and the aroma will top off your spa experience in your newly transformed bathroom.

I hope these bathroom makeover tips help you transform your bathroom into the beautiful spa retreat you've been dreaming of. Do you have any need-to-know tips for creating a spa chic bathroom? If so, please share them below!


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