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British Colonial Style Guest Bedroom Reveal

Hi, guys! Here’s the latest design project from Asha-Maía Design, a British Colonial Style Guest Bedroom. This client’s heart was set on a light and airy guest bedroom and also wanted to incorporate her traditional silhouette nightstand and an amazing antique Bergère side chair. I thought a perfect way to accomplish this was by painting the walls a fresh and airy light blue color, I decided to go with Sherwin Williams Moonmist (SW 9144) and by creating a Caribbean or Tropical style design scheme. This design style is also referred to as British Colonial and when you really think about it, it makes sense as to why. A slight history lesson ;-) When the British colonized places like the Caribbean, India, and Africa, they brought with them their traditional style furniture and accessories and then incorporated those pieces with items found locally; light or bright colors, palms, bamboo, grasses, etc. This design style is quite often found in resort destinations and the perfect way to design a room so you can feel like you are on vacation every day! Check out the finished product below:

British Colonial Style Guest Bedroom Decor

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