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Understanding Interior Design & Renovation Budgets

Furnishings & Styling

For a full furnishings design project, you should estimate 2-5% of your home value per room. This, of course, is dependent on style, taste, and the full scope of work. Smaller rooms that would naturally have fewer elements to the design may come in a bit less, and larger rooms requiring more could come in a bit higher.

To get the Asha Maía Design look, you should expect to invest approx. $35,000+ per room (more for kitchens and bathrooms).


Design Fees

Design fees are determined on a project-by-project basis and can be significantly affected by the project's full scope. It is a good idea for planning purposes to budget approximately 18-22% of the overall project budget, determined by the criteria mentioned, for design fees.

Asha Maía Design charges a flat rate per room and has a three-room minimum. Pricing is determined based on full scope of work but can be estimated at 18-22% of project investment.

More than what you're ready to invest? Check out our Designer's Consult service HERE. Spend up to 2 hours with our principal designer in this in-home consultative service, perfect for obtaining expert guidance for your home design project!



When considering a suitable investment level, or budget, for your home renovation, there are key elements to take into account. You need to consider not only what you are willing to spend, but also ensure that those renovations don’t ultimately devalue your home due to not spending enough or exceeding the value of your return by spending too much.

Kitchen renovations should be estimated between $300 - $500 per square foot.

Bathroom (Primary) renovations should be estimated between $250 - $400 per square foot.


Other things to consider:

For kitchen remodels, people often forget about the cost of appliances. Appliances alone can be 30%+ of the overall kitchen cost.

For kitchens and bathrooms, overall costs can be considerably affected by the use of natural stones for tile and countertops. If you are someone who loves the look and idea of natural stone, note that your overall investment needs to be on the higher end.


*Once your level of investment is set, it is also a good idea to set aside 20-25% of that budget as a contingency to cover unexpected issues that often arise during renovation projects.

Budget Planning

Want a little more background into understanding interior design & renovation budgets? Read our blog post on Budget Planning for Your Interior Design Project.

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