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November Selections

Cocktail + Recipe of the Month

Cocktail of the Month:

Mulled Wine

Nothing signals the holiday season more than the sweet aroma of mulled wine filling the air and warming your home. This month’s featured cocktail is a classic recipe that’s incorporated all over the world!

Pull out your Dutch oven and your spices! Both the flavor and the use of the Dutch oven make this recipe the best of both worlds, as after the wine is consumed, the aroma still lingers, filling your home with the sweet scents of Fall and Winter.


Recipe of the Month:

Garlic Butter Smashed Sweet Potatoes with Parmesan

Crispy on the outside while soft and sweet on the inside! Sweet potato is one of our go-to ingredients around this time of the year. This recipe only requires 7 ingredients - all of which you probably already have in your pantry!

This dish serves as a perfect side dish to go with your roast chicken, Thanksgiving Turkey, and even steak or fish. Spice up your holiday table spread with this fun recipe that all will enjoy! It even pairs well with a glass of mulled wine.

Rhythmic Melodies

Pair your cocktail + recipe with the sweet sounds of this perfectly curated playlist.

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