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Cocktail of the Month:

Lychee Pink Sakura

Spring is in the air, the trees are starting to bloom, and we have the perfect featured cocktail for the month of March! This cherry blossom-inspired cocktail is the perfect refreshment for the transitioning of seasons. Whether preparing for a nice picnic out in this beautiful sunny weather or hosting a happy hour, this Lychee Pink Sakura is a must-have springtime sip!


How to Make:

Makes 1 Cocktail
1 oz. Vodka
1 1/2 oz. Sake (Well-Shaken)
1/4 oz. Maraschino Cherry Liqeur
2 oz. Lychee Syrup
2 oz. Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice

Garnish: Splash of Grapefruit Sparkling Water, 2 Cherry Blossom Ice Cubes and a Peeled, Pitted Lychee
In a cocktail shaker, pour vodka, sake, lychee syrup, grapefruit juice, and cherry liqeur. Shake with ice so it's well-chilled. Strain into glass, add a splash of sparkling water, top off with your beautiful Cherry Blossom ice cubes and lychee as garnishes, and enjoy!

Photography and Cocktail Source: Asha Maía Design

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