Lionel Hendricks

When I moved into my new place, I knew it had a lot of potential. Asha was able to capture my interest, style, and personality in ways I'd have never imagined. I guess you'd call it "geek chic". She took my love of comic books, movies, technology, and low maintenance aesthetics to really make the place come to life. She worked with me to get all new furnishings & accessories that worked well with the ideas in my head. Again, incorporating my tastes and balancing it with her vision. There were a few times when I was doubtful of her selections, but only to be pleasantly stunned by the results. I really liked how the end result was definitely "me" but with a level of sophistication I'd have never achieved on my own. Not only her creativity but also technical prowess really came to shine with the accent wall in the bedroom. Never would have imagined it'd turn out as cool & original as it did. Asha made the entire process painless. She set me up with a Pinterest link, said add anything that inspires you - and in the weeks to follow - turned those vague ideas into a comfortable & stylish living space. I'm collaborating with her again when I purchase my next place.