How to Add Pops Of Color Using Throw Pillows and Items in Your Closet!


Adding pops of a color gives personality to a space and brings it to life.  I am going to show you a clever way of how to add pops of color using throw pillows.  Throw pillows are a great way to incorporate accent colors and add a pop of personality.  But are you stumped as to what accent colors will actually work best?  Here’s a great way to use items you have in your closet to determine what accent colors to bring into your space.

I know this happens to me sometimes so it must be a dilemma for others as well.  I’ve finished decorating my space but need just ooone or two more items or pops of color to bring it all together.  Hmmm, but what color??  I don’t have the Pier1 pillow wall in my back pocket and Amazon doesn’t have 30-second delivery yet (I’m sure it’s coming soon though), so it’s quite difficult to try a bunch of different options for throw pillows, so what do I do??

Ok, so here’s how to add pops of color to your space using items in your closet!

Aha!! I have a closet full of color and patterns!! So why not use a pretty cobalt blue blouse or a chevron patterned jumpsuit to cover a throw pillow.  I know it’s difficult to part with any of those precious gems in your closet especially that navy skirt that makes your butt look amazing, right!?!  Don’t panic!  It’s juuust to get an idea of what colors or patterns you want to incorporate into your space.


Raid your closet, find at least 2 items in different colors to temporarily wrap around a sofa pillow so that you can see what colors you like and what coordinates well with your decor.  It doesn’t have to be the exact color that you want, it’s really just to help you get an idea.  Step back and look at the whole picture and see how the colors and pattern work.  Does it give the room a sense of harmony?  Great!  You’re now on the right path to choosing throw pillows that complement your space.


Once you have determined which accent colors or patterns you like best you’ll feel more confident during your shopping trip or perhaps your virtual shopping trip. is a wonderful place to begin your hunt for the perfect throw pillow that fits the color or pattern you settled on.  It allows you to search by color and even pattern.  So, get out there and start discovering what colors work best for you!  Happy Shopping!


Asha Maxey: Interior Designer & Event Stylist. Asha-Maia Design | Interiors + Events - Alexandria, VA, Arlington, VA, Washington, DC and surrounding areas.