Home Styling

A beautiful and stylish home, without a complete overhaul, is possible!

Everyone has that special place they call home, but not everyone has a place that feels uniquely theirs, that emotes their personality and is just as stylish as they are, or wish they were.  Home Styling offers you the ability to achieve that, a beautiful and functional space utilizing much of what you already own and without breaking the bank. 

I offer this service as a more cost effective way to gain a renewed and stylish living space. By combining your current furniture and accessories with the addition of new and complementary pieces, I will transform your existing space into a more functional, stylish and inviting environment.

How does your Home Styling Service differ from your Interior Design Service?

The goal for Home Styling is to make your home suit your current needs, flow well and be functional while at the same time updating and refreshing the space.  I will artfully and strategically edit and rearrange your space.  I will aim to use as much of your existing furniture and accessories as possible in combination with new accessories and wall paint (or wall paper) to create a stylish and updated design that will make your home feel brand new again.  This process may take place over multiple days depending on the size and scope of the project, but may be completed in one day. 

This service is right for you if you want to keep the bulk of your existing furniture and but want to add more style or to simply refresh your home.  To ensure you are able to enjoy the best design possible, for Home Styling, a minimum purchasing budget of $750 per room is required.

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