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One Day Design

A beautiful and stylish home, without a complete overhaul, is possible!

Everyone has that special place they call home, but not everyone has a place that feels uniquely theirs, that emotes their personality and is just as stylish as they are, or wish they were.  The One Day Design offers you the ability to achieve that, a beautiful and functional space utilizing much of what you already own and without investing the time and without breaking the bank. 

We offer this service as a more cost effective way to gain a renewed and stylish living space. By taking your current furniture and accessories, artfully arranging and styling them, we will transform your existing space into a more functional, stylish and inviting environment. 

How does your One Day Design service differ from Full-Service Interior Design?

The goal for the One Day Design is to make your home suit your current needs, flow well and be functional while at the same time updating and refreshing the space.  We will artfully and strategically edit and rearrange your space.  We will aim to use as much of your existing furniture and accessories as possible and if necessary combine them with new accessories and wall paint (or wall paper) to create a stylish and updated design that will make your home feel brand new again.  This process takes place in one day and will take between 4-6 hours, depending on the size and scope of the project. 

This service is right for you if...

  • You want to keep the bulk of your existing furniture, but want to add more style or to simply refresh your home.

  • Your busy schedule leaves you no time to prioritize beautifying your home.

  • You are on a tight budget yet still desire a beautiful, functional and well designed space.

  • You wish your home was more inviting while entertaining guests.

  • You are renting or leasing and don't want to invest a ton of money into a property you do not own.

  • You want to take your holiday decorations to the next level and have magazine worthy decor.

  • You simply desire a beautiful home!

Learn about:


One Day Design Process


Our One Day Design allows you to experience a wonderful transformation of one room, styled in one afternoon for one flat rate! You must already own the bulk of the pieces that will be used in your makeover.  A one hour consultation is required for this service and is billed separately from the One Day Design flat fee.


1 Hour Consultation

The One Day Design will begin with a 1 hour consultation that will take place in the home and be a working session to determine your design style, overall design recommendations (may include recommending painting colors, wallpaper, etc.) and determine what additional décor pieces, if necessary, will enhance your current furniture and accessories, as well as achieve your desired design style.

Price: $200

One Day Design Session

Following the consultation we will schedule a day for the Design/Styling
Session.  Prior to the Design Day it is your responsibility to have any painting, wallpaper hanging, and/or
shopping done, as recommended in the consultation. Personal shopping to purchase the items discussed in consultation is available as a separate service and at an additional charge.

  • Typically a 4-6 hour Design/Styling Session (including a handyman/art installer for up to 2 hours)

  • Room arrangement, styling and accessorizing using your existing treasures (and any items purchased as a result of our initial consultation)

  • Hanging small, lightweight wall art, accents and mirrors

  • All tools and hardware (rooms with vaulted ceilings may incur additional charges for any special tools or equipment needed)

  • Room tidying and reveal of your new, beautiful space!

One Day Design Session does not include:

  • Moving heavy furniture and accessories from one room to another, or up and down stairs

  • Hanging large and heavy pieces of art, mirrors, tapestries or other accessories

  • Materials such as furniture pieces and accessories

  • Shopping trips (this is available as a separate service)

  • Painting, wall repairs, electrical, or plumbing

  • Heavy dusting and cleaning

Price: $850


Total $1050


Let's get started on your design project, I can't wait to work with you!


Larger design project? Full-Service Interior Design may be the right service for you!